San Diego – Opera is an art of epic spectacle, filled with love, tragedy and splendor

Four Epics At The San Diego Opera


Opera is an art of epic spectacle, filled with love, tragedy and splendor. Even to a hardened theater veteran, a good opera can easily overwhelm the senses emotionally, transporting the audience to a place no other form of entertainment can provide. This is why the opera as persisted so long, finding traction in so many languages and cultures. Typically, most casual theater goers think good opera can only be found in Europe and in countries like Italy or Germany. This is fundamentally not true. The United States has a number of excellent theaters, and the 2011 San Diego Opera season just proves that Southern California can be vibrant home for this epic art form.

This year, the San Diego Opera is mounting four productions. Each of them is proven classics any theater lover needs to see. Turandot tells a story of prince wooing the heart of an ice princesses. Der Rosenkavalier speaks of a scandalous affair between a noble woman and a younger man. Faust tells the age old story of salvation and love. The opera revolves around the old European legend of a man who sells his soul to the devil, only to regret his decision. Carmen is perhaps one of the most often revived production; since it was written, the opera has long reached beyond the stage. Even non-opera patrons will have heard Carmen’s music from somewhere, even if they have never seen a production. Each one of these productions is a massive event unto itself. Each of these productions will emotionally sweep audiences off their feet, just like all good opera should.

Plus, the San Diego Opera has brought in a wealth of international talent for the season. Notably, Ferruccio Furlanetto and Anja Harteros will be in San Diego for Der Rosenkavalier. Well known soprano Lise Lindstrom will star in Turandot. Each of these four productions is only a slight indication of what is going on in San Diego in the coming year. The city has many other cultural attractions that should not be missed.

For further information about the 2011 San Diego Opera season, as well as many other events, click over to



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