What to Do in San Diego? San Diego Bike & Kayak Tours

Enthusiasm for Life found at San Diego Bike and Kayak

Do you love to be surrounded by positive people? Do you love to be surrounded by people who truly love what they are doing? If you answered yes, then you have got to meet the people at San Diego Bike & Kayak Tours. The team put together by Curtis L., general manager, truly loves their jobs and their enthusiasm is easy to catch when you book your bike and kayak tours. Curtis will be glad to tell you what to do in San Diego .

Second in control is Marcella D., executive officer, who is also in love with live and loves physical exercise. Her enthusiasm is easy to catch and you will catch it when you book one of the great trips offered by San Diego bike and kayak tours. One of those tours is a tour of the seven caves of La Jolla, the kelp beds, the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, and the Cliffside. On the 120 minute kayaking adventure visitors can get up close with sea lions, garibaldi, leopard sharks, shovelnose guitarfish and maybe even a dolphin. Visitors will explore Sunny Jim’s cave, the Arch Cave and the Clams’ Cave along with many other sandstone formations that make this part of La Jolla Shores so very popular.
For some people that are looking for even more adventure San Diego Bike and Kayak Tours offers scuba diving at La Jolla Ecological Reserve which spans 6000 acres and was developed by the city of San Diego starting in 1970. The Reserve is made up of two artificial reefs which were built in 1964 and 1975 as a habitat for marine life.

Nick B. another executive officer with San Diego Bike and Kayak Tours recognizes that the water is not for everyone. For those who would rather be on land the company offers outstanding bike tours of San Diego. One of the most popular bike rides is 13 to 14 miles in length and visits Crystal Pier, the Pacific Beach Boardwalk, the Children’s Pool, La Jolla Cove and Cave Store.
When you are booking a tour looking for Thing to do in San Diego you need to consider the enthusiasm of the staff for what they are doing. You will not find a team more in love with life than those at San Diego Bike and Tour. They have been hand picked for their knowledge of the area, and their knowledge of biking and kayaking, but most importantly they have been picked for their enthusiasm for life.

Hotel accomodations will be handled by  www.san-diego.us website for the best price and great customer service.


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