Best brunch in San Diego

Best brunch in San Diego

The best brunch in San Diego can be found on the Flagship Harbor Cruise. Whether you are looking to have a Romanic brunch, or brunch with family and friends the Sunday Champagne Brunch in San Diego is the place to go. Be ready this summer to enjoy the best brunches on the water. Experience a two hour cruise of fine dining with beautiful San Diego in the back ground. Feel a cool breeze on a hot summer day enjoying this Sunday brunch in San Diego.

If you haven’t been on the best brunch in San Diego’s Harbor Cruise, get ready for the time of your life. Your picture will be taken as you board so be prepared. Immediately after you board you will be greeted by a welcoming staff which will hand you a mimosas in a tall wine glass, if you are an adult. Relaxing music will be playing as they seated you at your table. Right away you will be welcome to start your brunch at the buffet. Make sure that you bring a hearty appetite because the buffet is awesome.

If you have a desire for breakfast, they have a section with eggs, hickory smoked bacon, ham, sausage, red potatoes, and don’t forget the waffles. If you like fajita’s they have a section for that, with a craving table for turkey and roast beef. They also have a made to order Omelet station where a chef will make it fresh in front of you! The omelet can be made with fresh veggies, cheese, meat, and shrimp.

If you don’t want breakfast they have a Seafood buffet which consist of Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, and Caesar salads with seafood in them. There is delicious crab legs, smoked salmon, shrimp cocktail, Mussels on the half-shells, a variety of caviar with crispy sliced toasted Italian bread.

If you have room don’t forget the dessert table with a varieties of cakes, pies, cheesecakes and more. The Chocolate Fountain comes with strawberries, poundcakes, pineapples and marshmallows.

Try the Sunday Champagne Brunch in San Diego and have the time of your life. Our Saturday Brunch begin May 29th and run through Sep. 5th.

Sunday Champagne Brunch (Tickets)

Adult (ages 13+) $62.00 to $64.25 *Rates Include Tax & Gratuity
Child (4 – 12) $37.50 to $37.50 *Rates Include Tax & Gratuity

We have discounts for seniors, military, children and groups of 20 or more

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