Discover San Diego Zoo With Your Children – The Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Zoo

Discover San Diego Zoo With Your Children – The Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Zoo 

If you’re looking for some fun things to do with kids in San Diego, then look no further than the San Diego zoo. Baskin Robins presents The Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Zoo starting April 9 – May 8. The San Diego zoo has always been one of the best things to do in San Diego so why not come on down and check out the Butterfly Jungle whether this is your first time visiting the zoo or your hundredth time. The Butterfly Jungle can be found in Gorilla Jungle and will showcase many different species of butterflies and their colorful painted wings! See how close you can get to the butterflies in the greenhouse exhibit where you will find them fluttering in the air and sipping nectar from nearby flowers. You will truly be amazed at how a chubby little caterpillar can turn into such a beautiful piece of art. You will be able to learn about the amazing journey these little insects go through to become these delicate winged creatures starting from a little egg, to a hungry flightless caterpillar, to a pupa in a cocoon that becomes a dainty insect that takes to the skies fluttering with its new wings. You can better understand what it’s like to be a butterfly first hand by trying on eyes, antennaes and wings and sipping on some sweet nectar. The Metamorphosis movie, bubble show, new animal ambassador stage and activites at different discovery stations will keep the kids wanting to explore more. There will also be special experiences you and the family may want to enjoy which include a “birds and the bees” tour, a roar and snore sleepover tour and a butterfly preview dinner. Do you have a mobile device and a facebook account? If so you can check in at the San Diego zoo and see what special offers are in store for you and you can even upload your favorite butterfly photo for the photo contest. You will find many things to do in Family groups at The Butterfly Jungle as well as throughout the rest of the San Diego zoo so make sure to make a trip that the whole family will enjoy.

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