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Image by Port of San Diego via Flickr

1) Press Release – One Stop Reservations For Your San Diego Vacation – Summer 2011

For those of you looking to book a San Diego vacation, visit for all of your vacation planning needs. From this website, you can book everything from Hotels, Restaurants and even Attraction Reservations individually, or in a package deal. If you are wanting something a little more private, you can also book a vacation home from this amazing site as well.

Depending on the ages and interests of the people in your group, we’ve got something to fit everyone. For those of you who are looking to stay near the beach, downtown San Diego, or by the fascinating San Diego Zoo, you will be able to find accommodations that fit your needs.

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2) Press Release – Check out some of the best online reservation hotels and attractions in San Diego
(July 2, 2011)

San Diego is a great place to have a vacation with its numerous hotels and attractions, you are sure to have a great stay! A great site to get your reservations is being a premier reservation site for the past 8 years. They have a number of hotels you can choose from such as the Mariott for more economic friendly people or the more bombastic/stylish place of the Hard Rock Hotel! The locations of these hotels is prime for finding great places to go to in the Downtown area as well as the beautiful beaches. These beaches are ideal for activities such as surfing, scuba diving, hang gliding, and even ocean kayaking. (…)

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3) San Diego Visitors Become Angry Over Lost Reservations
(July 22, 2011)

Many visitors to San Diego are reporting problems with their reservations. These visitors are becoming angrier as they show up at top hotels and attractions to discover the reservation clerk has no record of their reservations. This is particularly a problem right now as many top attractions sell out early during the busy summer travel season. When these wearied travelers try to reach their reservation companies they find the web sites broken or down and the phone numbers not being answered or disconnected. Of course, this has led to many angry visitors to San Diego. The attractions in San Diego do not appear to be at fault. Instead, the reservation agencies appear to be at fault as the attractions and hotels have never been contacted.

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